First Responders Survival Seminar      for Mental Health and Wellness

First Responders Survival Seminar for Mental Health and Wellness is not your average wellness seminar. It is presented by culturally competent staff, First Responders that have been there and are willing to share their knowledge, experience and most importantly their stories. We will discuss the history of post-traumatic stress, what post-traumatic stress is, signs and symptoms of trauma and stress, moral and spiritual injuries that can lead to life threatening conditions, treatment and healing, suicide awareness, depression, anxiety and addictions.

Three ways to get a course:

First is a custom course for your department:

One or two days course designed to fit you departments training needs. For your department only and those you invite.

Second is host a course:

Assist with a training location,  publicizing the course, snacks and drinks, and receive free seats in the course based on attendance. This course would be open to other first responders to attend.

Third is a cooperate or private sponsor:

A private party or a corporation sponsors the course and scholarships are discounted or free depending on the level of sponsorship. 

Cost and fees - we are a registered non-profit, our philosophy is mission first . Our mission is to provide the best training for our fellow First Responders by culturally competent skilled trainers.  Whenever possible we seek grants, private and corporate donations and offer the course to First Responders free or at a discounted rate. 

What is unique about our trainings?  There will be no video or photograph. You will not be ask to sign any type of waivers to do so.  Our instructors provide full discretion and respect. What is said at the course is confidential.

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A new part of our training is:

Stress Management Through Laughter

Throughout the First Responders field the use of gallows humor has been used to manage stress, often at inappropriate times or manners. 

How do we use humor productively to manage our stress?

Laughter reduces cortisol, which is a hormone that causes stress and increases endorphins which makes you happy.

Laughter increases catecholamines, which are known to boost mental function.

Laughter brings about an emotional high, which can enable problems to be seen from a different perspective, especially those of a stressful nature.

How to create Therapeutic Laughter?

This part of the course is taught  by a Certified Instructor in Laughter Therapy and a spouse of a First Responder.

"Don't laugh until you try it"

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