Recreations Healing for Trauma and Stress - First Responders and Their Families

Hope is A Float

Recreational healing provides first responders with support and a compassionate safe space to process their emotions. Some additional benefits of recreational healing are reinforced stress management, increased focus, and increased feelings of control.

We have been doing research about recreational healing and trying to find the right fit for the First Responder Ministry and our first responders. We have prayed and asked for guidance. The answer came to start doing activities such as rafting. Chaplain Ed Henry, a retired first responder, has a love and passion for all water sports and being outside. We believe most first responders share this passion for the love of the outdoors, or they would have taken regular office jobs.

We will be hosting free rafting trips for first responders and their families during the warm months. We will be doing short trips that can be done in a couple of hours to weekend river trips to some of the amazing rivers around us.

Our goal is a supportive safe place for first responders and their families to process their emotions, reinforce stress management and resiliency, and introduce them to the First Responder Ministry’s other support programs.

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