That Specialize in treatment of First Responder

Bear Creek Counseling

Patria Cox CMHC

1227 West 9000 South, Suite H

West Jordan, UT 84084


Patricia Cox, Clinical Mental Health Counseling Pat has been working in the social service field for 25 years in a variety of positions. She enjoys working with each client to identify their needs and their approach to mental health situations in their lives. She has been trained in EMDR and focuses on assisting those that have experienced sexual and physical abuse along with additional training on EMDR protocols used for addictions. Her goal as a therapist is to assist each client individually to find the power to develop positive skills and change the direction of their lives.

Ryan Judson 

Licensed Clinical Therapist

461 E. 1000 S Pleasant Grove, UT 82062


Ryan Judson is a clinical mental health counselor in the state of Utah. He has over 10 years experience working in the fields of addictions and trauma and has been an EMDR provider for 9 years. He currently works in private practice and recently began working with police officers from Utah county. Ryan earned a bachelor's degree in psychology from BYU, and holds a master of education degree from Southeastern Louisiana University.

He has worked in both residential and outpatient substance abuse treatment, outpatient psychiatry, and private practice. He particularly enjoys working with officers and their families. At home he has 5 kids and enjoys sports, movies, and reading.

A Warrior's Light

Jamie Welch

Clinical Mental Health Counselor


A Warrior’s Light is a private practice inspired by my passion to provide mental health treatment services for those who serve and that have served. Professionals include military personnel and first responders including police, EMT's, juvenile & adult corrections staff, DCFS workers and firefighters. Included are dispatchers and emergency medical personnel.

I am a trauma informed therapist and I am certified in EMDR. I have 15 years of working in corrections, 4 years of working as a parole officer and 2 years of investigating child abuse. I know what it is like to want to "unsee" work experiences. My focus is to provide tools for individuals to heal and be able to leave those haunting experiences in the past.

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